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Growth marketing
is our primary focus

Ditch the traditional marketing campaigns and reinvent your marketing funnel with an out-of-the-box methodology for substantial growth: Growth Marketing.


Achieve unusual growth with our expert growth hacking team offering services including Business Network Development, SEO, Performance Marketing and more.

Our Range of Services

We strive to work and create together regardless of whom we serve.

Business Network Development

Growing your network in new markets. Achieve the best quality lead conversion and acquire effective business partnerships with the competent Business Network Development services of Unusual Growth Agency. 

Content Development, SEO & Performance Marketing

Improving your search results rankings. Attract your target audience to your web page through state-of-the-art performance marketing and SEO strategies.

UX & UI Development

Upgrading your target audience's experience. Attract the attention of your target audience through UI & UX development services powered by user experience, visual design, and market research.

Web & Software Development

Revamping and refining your website & app. Get the best website constructed on various programming languages and web development tools by experienced front-end designers and back-end developers.

Video Production & Streaming

Producing professional videos. Enhance your marketing strategy and meet your video production and streaming needs through professional pre and post-production services.

Digital First Branding

Creating a memorable brand. Attract your target audience with Digital First Branding services creating a clear and memorable image of your brand, product, or service while increasing awareness.

Social Growth Management

Attracting your target audience. Achieve increased brand awareness and business growth rate with professional Social Media Growth services.


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How do we work?

It is crucial to accurately determine your brand’s needs and set the appropriate marketing method. We refine your marketing funnel and help you get an edge over your competitors with a proven track of success.



Holistic Approach

Expert Team

It is no longer necessary to rely on multiple partners to achieve sustainable long-term growth. Through our end-to-end growth hacking and marketing services, you can solely depend on us for your company’s growth.

We analyze the expectations and conditions of your industry thoroughly. Then we set the short, medium and long-term goals in your brand journey. We use the best practices to get the job done, from multilingual SEO friendly content to cutting-edge programming languages. 

At the heart of our "unusual" approach is a collaborative spirit.We take a holistic approach to all our work, designing and building the growth marketing processes needed to meet clients' objectives, expectations and unique vision. 

With a talented team of growth-driven professionals, we positioned ourselves as a leading growth marketing agency. We adopted the HaaS (Human Intelligence as a Service) business model to implement our clients' projects, R&D activities, and other services.

Grow Now

Growth isn’t just another tool in our toolbox;
it’s our way of thinking.

Our Growth Story

Established in Istanbul, Turkey, we are now proudly a global company with headquarters in Utrecht, Netherlands, a multi-national workforce and clientele that stretches to the corners of the globe.

We are passionate about helping you achieve the same with our data-driven growth marketing services. 

We successfully crossed not only into new industries but also into new regions. 

We follow the tried-and-tested methods and know what it takes to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Growth hacking covers the efforts to grow projects and companies with methods that emerge with unconventional, innovative, and creative strategies. But the most critical thing about growth hacking is thorough analyses.

Growth hackers and growth hacking agencies are essentially doing online marketing. However, they differ from the online marketers we see because they analyze, test, and measure valuable metrics. SEO, Google Analytics and other analytical tools, content marketing, A/B testing, viral marketing, and social media marketing are the most used concepts by a growth hacking agency.

What makes growth hacking agencies preferable is that companies grow their client base with relatively low-cost strategies tailored for them by the agency.

Growth marketing is a long-term strategy that provides a basis for rapid growth and focuses on sustainable profitability and customer loyalty. Growth marketing combines technical analysis with creativity through data analytics, A/B testing, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and so forth.

Unlike traditional marketing, growth marketing practices rely on data and eliminate intuition or subjectivity. When Growth Marketing is done correctly, value is added to all layers of the marketing funnel. An effective growth marketing strategy attracts your target audience and potential leads. Engaging and retaining them with a cutting-edge growth strategy turns them into champions of your brand/ product/ service in the long run.

Digital Marketing
Any marketing activity that is conducted on a digital platform can be counted as digital marketing. From PPC to e-mail marketing, content marketing to SEO, all these practices fall under the umbrella term of digital marketing. Digital marketing is dynamic and includes two-way communication. It gives you a channel to interact with your clients, contrary to traditional marketing’s one-way communication style.

Growth Marketing
Growth marketing utilizes all digital marketing practices as well. What makes it different is simply methodology. Growth marketing concentrates on growing your business in line with a pre-determined set of goals. It is, first and foremost, data-driven and involves a lot of testing and experimentation to find out what works best. It provides a framework for overall marketing campaigns and executes strategies that bring revenue growth.

A growth marketing agency does not focus on one specific area. With a staff of performance and results-driven professionals who focus on growth-oriented KPIs, they help you grow your business in a scalable and trackable way. They combine the skills of a sales agency, marketing agency, and technology agency. Thus, they remove the need for getting services from multiple agencies.

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