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What we do

How we work

We use whatever tools are needed to get the job done, from multilingual texts and images to music and cutting-edge programming languages. For us, growth isn’t just another tool in our toolbox; rather, it’s our primary focus.

Regardless of who we serve – be it a company, individual, NGO, or even society at large – we strive to work and create together. At the heart of our ‘unusual’ approach is a collaborative spirit, which will always go all-out to ensure that whatever we create is in sync with the client’s unique vision.

UGA doesn’t compartmentalize its range of services into the “digital” and “conventional” categories. Rather, it takes a holistic approach to all of its work, designing and building the communication processes needed to meet clients’ objectives and expectations. With a talented team of seasoned communication professionals, UGA has positioned itself as a leading growth marketing agency without focusing only on one particular area. UGA has adopted the HuaaS (Human Intelligence as a Service) business model to implement projects, R&D activities and other services for its clients.



Digital First Branding
Brand Guideline
Building UX Structure
UI Design for projects
Front End & Back End Dev. Processes
SEO Optimization
Video Shooting & Animation

Performance Marketing Services
Social Media Management
Landing Page Management
Lead & Demand Generation Services
Mail Marketing
Developing Custom CMS & CRM Tools
Virtual Events

Live Reporting on Custom Tools
Periodic Analysis
Monthly Meetings