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This is the slogan of webinars that have become more popular after the pandemic. Read our blog post to discover how to webinar...

Virtual events have become very popular after the COVID-19 pandemic. Before that, we preferred to do almost all of our organizations in a physical environment and face to face. Almost overnight, everyone started holding online meetings and hosting online events. That's when webinars became the most preferred method of organizing a virtual event. It can also be defined as an online meeting, digital conference, virtual event or video conference, which is usually broadcast live over the internet. Whatever the name, it brings together individuals from all over the world with one click, regardless of location. Of course, this one-click is for the viewers. When it comes to organizers, there are many clicks needed to host an efficient webinar. So let's start with two questions: What is a webinar? How does it work? Let's explore how the webinar is done in Q&A format…

What is a webinar?

Webinar is a mix of the words 'web' and 'seminar'. It is an event, video presentation, workshop, conference, training session, or classroom lecture delivered online using webinar software. It is an event held virtually and attended by an online-only audience. There are other terms used as alternatives to webinar: web event, online seminar, web lecture, and virtual event.

What can you do in a webinar?

A webinar allows speaker(s) anywhere to share presentations, videos, multimedia content or other free resources with audiences located anywhere.

Is webinar and webcast is the same?

No, a webinar is not a webcast. Webcasts are pre-recorded sessions that broadcast online, while webinars are live sessions that allow real-time interaction between the presenter and attendees.

What are the components of a webinar?

A webinar has audio and visual components. The visual portion is shared with a web conferencing tool. The audio portion is broadcast over the phone or via the audience's computers.

What is the purpose of organizing a webinar?

A webinar allows the host to interact with their audience through a variety of tools. In modern marketing environments, a webinar is a good tool for capturing leads!

What are the types of events that can be organized as a webinar?

  • Product launch
  • Board meeting
  • Investor meeting
  • Press conference
  • Dealers meeting
  • Employee summit
  • In-house training

Is a webinar effective?

Yeah! What makes it effective is that it is a two-way form of communication where attendees and presenters communicate, receive and share information with each other in real time.

Which opportunities does a webinar offer?

  • Ask a written or oral question
  • Chat
  • Poll or survey
  • Share resource
  • Call to action
  • Share on social media
  • Record
  • Live stream on YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

What are the benefits of organizing a webinar?

In the world of growth marketing, hosting a webinar equals lead generation. A webinar can also help you with all - and more - of the following:

  • Educate your audience
  • Demonstrate your product
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Onboard new customers
  • Train both new and existing employees
  • Generate leads
  • Close more deals

Is organizing an online event the same with a physical one?

Hosting an online event is different from hosting a physical event. You don't need to work with an event organizer, rent a venue, and hire a caterer to host a webinar. It's all about finding a reliable virtual event platform that will provide you with a quality live stream.

What are the technical challenges that webinar hosts face?

If you're hosting a webinar, the biggest challenge you need to be prepared to face is technical challenges. From the Internet connection to the operating software, the number of different problems you will encounter is endless. However, you can make your life easier by taking advantage of the features of a reliable virtual event platform.

Should we promote or online event?

Hosting a webinar means nothing if no one attends your event. A large part of the success of your webinar will come from the promotions, like the success of any event. You can use many different methods to promote your webinar: email marketing, social media posts, Google Ads, LinkedIn campaign, press release distribution, media collaborations.

What are the tips for creating an effective webinar?

  • Know your purpose
  • Choose the right format
  • Plan the event schedule carefully
  • Find a good partner for organizing the virtual event
  • Rehearse

Why you should choose to work with JakoMeet?

Developed and powered by Unusual Enterprise, virtual event platform JakoMeet allows you to reach your target audience at any scale, establish direct contact and seize new opportunities, while creating a streaming environment special to your brand.

  • RTMP: You can broadcast your event on your domain via the technology called RTMP (Real-Time Message Protocol).
  • Share all: You can share presentations, videos or images be easily with the participants. You can also add downloadable resources.
  • On any device: Attendees can log in to your event from anywhere using any device.
  • Tailor made: You can enhance your online activities via a page design tailored to you.
  • High quality: The essentials of a good virtual event is high speed and quality with a powerful streaming infrastructure.
  • On-demand: You can record your event and offer it on-demand right after the virtual event.
  • Tracking and reporting: You can enjoy a comprehensive report, which includes detailed data like the event's interaction rate and the number of participants per minute.

While working remotely is becoming more and more permanent, we need to touch target audiences all over the world within growth marketing efforts. It looks like we will be talking and planning more hybrid events with the support of virtual event platforms.