In today's article, we are going to explain how to grow your business through web & software development. Needless to say, web & software development efforts are imperative for success. In fact, that’s exactly why we decided to dive deep into this subject.We'll cover the following:

  • Differences between web & software development
  • How to benefit from it for your business
  • Various examples, and much more.Let's dive right in.

Software Development

Let's start with software development. Now: We live in a world where software is a big part of our daily lives. Software plays a huge role in our modern lifestyle, from cars to phones to coffee makers. Behind the fancy applications we use, whether on our phones, laptops, or our cars and homes, software in the backend rules the application on what to do. Software development is, in simple terms, a set of instructions or programs that are created to perform a task or an action.

According to IBM Research: "Software development refers to a set of computer science activities dedicated to creating, designing, deploying and supporting software." In fact, software development is a set of processes on how the software should be developed. All software has a life cycle.

Web Development

What about web development? Just as software development is focused on creating computer programs using programming languages, web development also uses computer code to develop user-facing software, such as websites. Web development is also platform-independent. The software can be used on any internet-enabled device using a web browser. Web development is a broad field, so consider this combination of words separately. When we colloquially “on the Internet,” in most cases, we mean the “World Wide Web” (www.), which is the most common form of use of the Internet.

By definition, the Internet is a network infrastructure, while the Web, which has existed since the 1990s, is a software infrastructure consisting of websites linked together by hyperlinks. Developing something is the process of creating or improving something. Strictly speaking, when we talk about web development, this would mean creating or improving websites or web-based applications (so-called web apps or web applications).

However, the areas of competence of developers and web agencies usually go beyond this and also extend to the technical development of other products, such as in the area of software or mobile applications. Ultimately, this can include everything in software solutions and digitization. When it comes to the keyword website, it makes sense to first think of the external appearance, which is the first thing that catches the eye. This is one of the web design tasks that deal with the conception and implementation of graphics, coloring, and general visual design of websites.

But here, too, the transitions are fluid: Web designers sometimes take on not only the graphics but also the technical development, and web developers also design their projects. When working with an internet agency, you usually meet both professions working together to implement websites and other digital projects. In web development, different technologies and programming languages are used for technical implementation. While there are programming languages designed specifically for web applications, such as PHP, the lines are becoming increasingly blurred.

Web technologies can be used in a wide variety of scenarios these days. Even programming interfaces, so-called APIs, can be developed with web technologies. This is due to the high variability of programming languages - as soon as logical queries are possible, there are almost no limits. Despite being subordinate to software development, web development is still a very large sub-sector with many applications, ranging from simple static websites to CRM or sophisticated cloud-native SaaS products.

On the other hand, native apps for Android or iOS devices and Windows apps such as standard or installable desktop applications are not considered web development.Such apps run directly on the operating system of such a device and are not executed via a web browser.Accordingly, other technologies, programming languages, and tools are used for such developments than in web development.

In summary, web developers are still software developers since they are both responsible for developing software.

Benefits of Web & Software Development

Agile and solid web & software development processes have numerous advantages for your business. First of all, it amplifies the quality of results. Due to short iteration and development cycles, teams implement the input of the target group directly when developing a product or service. They can thus respond to changing customer requirements immediately and with little loss. High customer satisfaction. Customers know their expectations matter by being directly involved in developing their products and being listened to.

In addition, through transparent and continuous communication, the development team can always be sure that they are developing something that offers real added value for customers and target groups and can continually adapt it during the process. And there is more control!

Another significant advantage is that the functions with the highest priority are developed first. This allows the team to have more control over the immediate value they are delivering to the customer/target audience and can clarify, tweak and refine requirements as the process progresses.

And lastly, web and software development efforts bring better project predictability. Short development cycles, and iterations, are more manageable than complete projects since the development team is constantly supplied with new information and is, therefore, better able to react to challenges and unique requirements.

Thus, one of the weaknesses mentioned becomes a great strength if implemented correctly!

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