Network Development Practices

Developing and expanding one’s business network is an integral part of any company’s growth marketing strategy. However, over the years, the manner, goal, and outcome of networking have changed, with many companies following various approaches to networking efforts. The two main approaches that we will discuss us is the traditional and modern approach.

Traditional Networking

Firstly, the traditional approach.If you are addicted to early 2000’s romantic comedy movies set in New York about women breaking into the big bad business world, then the type of networking seen in these types of movies is similar to this “traditional” approach.

Think about the typical scene of business lunches in Manhattan, high-profile seminars, and conferences. This is what we’re talking about here:Even though movies obviously glamourize the process, the fundamentals of this approach still ring true. So, this is the networking that takes place face-to-face. It’s all about building lasting relationships with key players in the industry.

The end goal here should not be sales, as this will cloud your behavior during the execution of this approach, and you will come across as too pushy and like a salesperson. In order to achieve optimum results with this approach, the people you’re networking with should almost think that you aren’t interested in sales at all.

And, in a way, this should be true. In order for this approach to be truly effective, the main focus should be building and expanding your network, not lead conversion. This will, however, take time.

Networking events, seminars, and conferences are the golden door into the world of traditional networking. Being in a room filled with key players from your industry is the perfect scenario for face-to-face networking.

It is especially important to participate in these industry events as speakers, sponsors, or exhibitors.By doing this, two things will be achieved.Firstly, brand and/or product awareness will be increased, and you will establish yourself and your company as the topical authority in your specific line of work. In doing so, gone are the days of begging leads for meetings- instead, through this newfound brand awareness and through word of mouth within the industry, qualified leads will start approaching you. Traditional networking is something that, in the long run, will play a critical role in a company’s growth. But there are obvious challenges and difficulties to this approach.Very specific people are really good at traditional networking.You need someone for this role who is cool, calm, collected, charismatic, and someone who is respected among the target audience. So depending on the target audience, the ideal person for the job might look different, and it could be hard to find the perfect employee for this marketing approach.

Secondly, because networking happens face-to-face, either you would be limited to events and meetings in your region, or costs would have to be spent on travel.A luxury only a few companies can afford.This is why it is beneficial for companies to work with an agency like Unusual Growth Agency for your Business Network Development needs.We have the team and network, and we do the traveling. We represent our clients at events, seminars, meetings, or anywhere else in order to build their network.But as successful networkers, we don’t stop there. In order to fill gaps that might be missed by traditional networking, Unusual Growth Agency also specializes in modern networking. 

Modern Networking

When we refer to “modern networking”, what is meant is digital networking.So, this is using various tools on digital platforms like emails, social media, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find and convert leads on a larger scale than is done in traditional networking discussed above.Creating high-quality content and clear and memorable branding is critical in modern networking. It is important for your company to send a clear message, so you should know exactly what you’re message is and who the target audience is.

In modern effective networking, it is important not to oversell. It is better to focus on your specific specialty and niche. It is also important for messaging to have a perfect balance between being enticing but still coming across as legitimate and professional. When using emailing or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, follow-up emails and messages are always a good idea, but it is important not to flood the receiver's inbox. Remember, always quality over quantity! We are lucky to live in a day and age where we have massive access to various tools to help with lead generation, lead conversion, and even checking content; make use of them!If these tips are to be followed, you will likely be able to set up meetings with leads now.That’s great! But setting up a meeting is only the first step. It is critical to be able to present yourself, your company, and your product/service effectively in order to close sales. This is why pursuing good quality leads that will have an interest in your company, or product/service should be your focus.

Furthermore, this highlights one of the reasons why many companies decide to work with professional agencies, like Unusual Growth Agency.What makes Unusual Growth Agency unique, or “unusual,” if you will, is our seamless blend of the modern and traditional approaches discussed above. We cover short, medium, and long-term goals/KPIs and focus on expanding your network with clients, successful business partners, investors, and key players in the industry.This style of networking will affect development & growth marketing in all parts of your company.

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